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Food At The Festival


Festival Food Booths:

There will be numerous (20+) raw food & raw gourmet chefs preparing meals & snacks for you to purchase at the festival in the huge outdoor food court. Yes, there are outdoor tables to eat at this year & even more diversity in the variety of prepared foods! For a look at some of the treats in store for you read on about just a few past & current years’ venders:

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On-Site Farmers Market:

August in Oregon/Washington means lots of fresh fruits, berries & vegetables. Come check out the Festival’s Farmers’ Market for the following fresh, organic produce:

Tomatoes Corn Lettuces Celery Kale Beets

Carrots Cucumber Peppers Zucchini Onions Cabbage

Garlic Swiss Chard Leeks Cauliflower Eggplant

Cranberries Blackberries Blueberries Huckleberries

Peaches Pears Apples Grapes

Raw honey Edible Flowers


Exotic Fruit “Garden”, Young Coconut & Exotic Fruits Concession:

This year we again have a taste treat delight for you…Not only DURIANS & YOUNG COCONUTS, but also other EXOTIC FRUITS! A special place has been set aside on the Festival grounds so that you can eat & drink your fill of the above nectars. Proceeds from the sale of these items will go to help defray Festival costs …so come & eat lots of durian & drink your fill of coconut water & munch, munch, munch those exotic fruits & know you are helping make the Festival possible while being a raw food hedonist!

NOTE: durians will only be allowed on the grounds in this special area…none in the hotel, presentation halls/tents or anywhere on the rest of the grounds, including your car or tent…need we say why?!!

Special Raw Ice Fruit Delight at the Exotic Fruit Booth:

Come & find out what is this special, special treat!!


Other Food Items:

Many product venders will also be giving away or selling items that are food, drink or nutrition items. “Welcome” packets may also be given out at the gate with “goodies” until they are all gone…come early in the week…don’t miss out!

If you are planning on bringing some of your own food, please bring whatever you need to prepare it with &/or store it in, such as an ice chest. We are sorry, but  because of health laws, access to the field kitchen areas are only for food venders, food demonstrators & staff.   If you are staying in the Red Lion Hotel, there is really no kitchens to do much preparing of food, so you might want to call around to smaller motels with kitchen units instead…they are farther away however.  Click here for Accommodation information.


The conference grounds where this year’s event is being held has no natural water supply. The Intl’ Association will be selling bottled water & several venders may also be giving out water as part of their displays. So remember to bring your water with you! (Venders & chefs please note: Water for use in the field kitchen areas & food demos will either be bottled or non-drinkable washing water)


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