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2004 Intl’ Festival Volunteer Opportunities

It takes over 150+ volunteers yearly to put this event on!


Volunteers Needed NOW for 2004 International Festival


Starting June 1, 2004, the International Association will begin to take applications to fill volunteer & work trade positions for the following Festival Teams on a first come, first chose basis.


You can be anywhere World-Wide and work with one of the teams before the event if you have phone & email time to volunteer. Volunteer & work trade hours are also needed during (August 18 thru 22) and after (August 23) the event.


Volunteer Angel: Someone who is a paid participant in the Festival, while still putting in hours of work, (before, during or after), to make the event a success & who gets to chose what area their volunteer hours support.


Work Trade: Someone who needs partial help financially to attend the Festival & who contracts to put in hours before, during or after the event in exchange for admittance. Jobs are assigned by the Assoc. dependent upon skills & physical ability. 


The following Festival teams are signing up volunteers NOW, call or email us soon with your commitment, before all the opportunities are taken!!


rawfestival@aol.com          503-246-1684


1. Steering Committee: Victoria Jayne & Linda Louise Simon, Co-chairs

Committee duties: Complete over-site of 2004 Festival, programming & location, all teams, budgets, expenditures & related events. Deals directly also with Festival issues relating to the Worldwide Raw Movement, Golden Branch & other awards, Ethics, Raw Ambassadors Program, Marketing, Sponsorships, Volunteers/Work Trades & Registration.


2. Assoc. Office Staffing Team: Linda Louise Simon, Team Leader

Team duties: Steering Committee support, volunteer recruitment & coordination, phones, email, mail, printing, marketing support, newsletter, weekly updates, public information, equipment/supplies ordering, obtaining insurance & licenses, pre-registration & on-site registration support, accommodations & transportation issues support.

Volunteer Coordination Sub-Team:


3. Gourmet Dinner/Auction Team: Chad Sarno, Carol Moore, Jana Blake-Allen, Co-Team Leaders

Team duties: all items associated with pre-planning, arranging, putting on & cleanup after the annual Gourmet Dinner & fundraising Auction.


4. Presenter Support Team: Victoria Jayne, Team Leader

Team duties: transportation & lodging (hosting) of Presenters, workshops’                 support & assistants, pre-event support, coordination & presenter confirmations.

            Presenter Showcase Sub-Team: Dr. Doug Graham, Sub-Team Leader

            Workshop Intensives Sub-Team: Roz Gruben, Sub-Team Leader


5. Chef Program Support Team: Lynda Carter & Rhonda Taylor, Co-Team Leaders

Team duties: Pie-Off contest, Food Demos, Chef Showcase details & support before, during & after each food preparation related segment.


6. Festival Facilities Team: Stephen, Team Leaders

            Team duties: set-up, building & taking down of site & equipment/supplies,                                     signage, facilities maintenance, sound systems, parking, First Aid, Specially Abled                        issues & 24 hour security. 


7. Event Booklet Team: Helena Wolfe, Team Leader

Team duties: graphic design & layout, ad promotion & design efforts, printing &         distribution support around 2004 booklet & design of 2005 pre-event visual marketing pieces.


8. Venders Program Team: Linda Louise Simon, Team Leader

Culinary Vender Sub-Team Leaders: Smart Monkey Foods, Bruce Horowitz

Product Vender Sub-Team Leaders:

            Farmers Market Sub-Team Leaders: Winlock Farms

Team duties: all issues before, during & after event pertaining to venders &                         vender issues, setup, sales, mini-workshops & take down.


9. Youth Program Team:

Team duties: teaching about raw foods to youth & teens in a fun & interesting             program. Also includes childcare support for participants during the event.



10. Assoc. Exotic Yummies Booth Team:

Team duties: before, during & after planning, purchase, sales & cleanup of                 Assoc. fundraising food booth that will sell primarily young coconuts & raw                         ice-cream.


11. Entertainment Team: Teresa Fox, Team Leader

Team duties: before, during & after planning, scheduling, equipment & support of event entertainment. Also transportation & lodging (hosting) of entertainers.


12. Festival Media Creation Team: Richard Butler, Team Leader

            Team duties: before, during & after planning, hiring, scheduling & coordination                    of all equipment & personnel to provide Assoc. media materials for event & post                        event sales. This includes both video & audio materials & post event production.


13. Assoc. Store Team:

Team Duties: Pre-festival organizing & stocking of sales products. Event booth         setup, marketing & sales of Assoc. products as well as inventorying & storage of post event products.



Work-trade hours: For every 4 hrs you agree to put in daily at the Festival you will get the rest of that day’s events for free. For each 6 (non-meeting) hours you do work-trade before or after the festival (for such items as poster delivery, setup & take down, etc.) you will receive a one day free pass.




become one of our Volunteer Angels…




To get signed up as a volunteer angel or work-trade call or email us at 503-246-1684 or RawFestival@aol.com  & agree to a commitment of number of volunteer hours & days to work.


If you are doing Work-Trade, you will get a "Festival Work-Trade Ticket" from the Volunteer Team as you fulfill your agreement. Turn this in each day at the volunteer headquarters area to receive your gate day pass. (You will get ONE form for EACH DAY you do work trade.) Each Team Leader will turn in their volunteer/work-trade people hours schedule to the Volunteer Team who will keep an individual record of each person's work trade time as they complete it. Be sure that your assigned Team & the Volunteer Team both know about all the time you are putting in… check-in with the Volunteer Team each day just before your scheduled time to see that you have credit for all your hours. The Volunteer Team will notify your assigned Team you are there & let you know what area to report to.


You will receive your work-trade badge & Team color-coded vest the day of the Festival.  When you arrive initially at the Festival grounds, please go in the main registration gate,  & sign in as a work trade & then check in at the Volunteer Team area before starting "work".  .


Thursday, August 19 evening at the Festival site, we will be having a joint orientation session for all Volunteers/Work Trades from all Teams.  We will keep you updated about this.  In the meantime, for the latest news about the Festival & the exciting speakers & events, check out the Festival website: www.rawfoods.com/festival or www.rawfestival.com


Be sure & tell everyone you know about the Festival & about how to register to attend it. In your volunteer angel/work-trade information packet will be some extra registration forms, as well as a couple of forms for Vender registration.  If you know of anyone who would like to have a booth at the Festival, please give them one & have them contact us--space is limited & we don’t want to miss anyone!


This is going to be a fun time for all of us…we are so glad that you are going to be a part of it!!  The Intl’ Festival could not happen without all of you who are volunteering or doing Work Trade!  THANK YOU!



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