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This is a questionnaire designed to identify areas of connection between dietary habits and spiritual practice. You do not need to eat a certain diet or have a certain spiritual faith to participate. The survey should not take more than 20 mins to complete. Don't spend too long pondering any one question. If for some reason you must stop in the middle, please submit your data and come back and complete it another time- just make sure to re-enter your name and start where you left off. Remember that your answers will remain completely confidential. Contact information will is only for verification purposes. It will definitely not be used for bulk e-mailings. Please aspire to be as honest in your answers as possible, no matter how much you may believe in the diet you consume, don't exaggerate its benefits because in the long run your honest input will be the most helpful to others. On questions about past habits, please think back to the time before you made any positive lifestyle habits, whether they be dietary, fitness related, or spiritual in nature. For questions on your current habits, average your consumption for the past year.

You should use your mouse or TAB key to move from field to field within the form. Some browsers may cause the form to be submitted prematurely if you use the ENTER key.

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1. Of your current diet, estimate what % is fresh, raw/ uncooked vegan foods?
2. How long have you consumed a primarily raw vegan diet? Indicate months or years.
3. Did you first attempt to embrace a vegetarian or vegan diet before discovering raw foods?
4. Was there a serious health problem that lead you to improve your lifestyle?
5. If yes, please name/describe.
6. Has this condition cleared up as a result of your lifestyle changes?
7. Have you experienced a change in your weight?
8. Before making any positive lifestyle changes approximately how many times a year did you experience the common cold?
9. Now how many times a year do you experience the common cold?
10. Indicate change in any of the following health conditions since making positive lifestyle changes:
Heart problems improved
Heart problems worsened
respiratory improved
respiratory worsened
arthritis improved
arthritis worsened
digestive disorders improved
digestive disorders worsened
sugar metabolic (diabetes, hypoglycemia) improved
sugar metabolic disorders worsened
11. Please indicate any of the following substances that you consumed regularly before making any positive lifestyle changes:
Prescription drugs
Over-the-counter medication
Recreational drugs (include alcohol)
Caffine or other stimulants
Refined sugar
Other refined foods-grains, oils, etc.
Vitamins, herbs, and other supplements
Prime time television, radio, or other form of mainstream media
12. Indicate any of the following substances that you currently consume:
Prescription drugs
Over-the-counter medication
Recreational drugs (include alcohol)
Caffine or other stimulants
Refined sugar
Other refined foods- grains, oils, etc.
Vitamins, herbs, and other supplements
Prime time television, radio, or other form of mainstream media
13. For the next series of questions estimate your consumption by calories, averaged for the past year. If you would eat something but super rarely put 1 or 2 %. What % is meat, chicken, or fish:
14. dairy and eggs:
15. beans (include sprouted)
16. grain products (include sprouted/dehydrated)
17. nuts and seeds (include nut butters and tahini):
18. root vegetables:
19. leafy green vegetables (include green sprouts):
20. fatty fruits (avocado, durian, young coconut)
21. All other fruits
22. Approximately what % of your diet is organically grown?
23. What % do you grow or harvest yourself? Include sprouting.
24. What percentage of meals do you consume mono-meals: i.e. one food per meal in its whole, raw, unprocessed state?
25. Does your diet change with the seasons? If it does indicate how.
No change
More nuts and seeds in cold weather
Seasonal produce availability
More dried fruit ing cold weather
More vegetables in cold weather
More spicy foods in cold weather
More sprouts in cold weather
26. Indicate all of the following emotions/ states of mind you experience on a daily basis:
Ability to Concentrate
Suicidal feelings
Feeling grounded
Feeling spacy
Inclination to meditate
Inner stillness, peaceful
Sense of well-being
27. Have you ever felt very close to a powerful, spiritual force that seemed to lift you out of yourself?
28. Have you ever had a moment of sudden spiritual/religious awakening or insight?
29. According to ancient scriptures there are five classifications of the mind. Please rate yourself honestly.
30. If you practice any form of yoga or meditation please complete the following section, otherwise skip to question 38. How long have you practiced yoga or other spiritual discipline?
31. Indicate which style/s you mainly practice:
32. How many days a week on average do you practice?
33. How long do you practice on average each of those days?
34. Do you include any of the following in your regular routine?
Silent meditation
Hatha yoga asanas
Teaching of yoga or meditation
One pointed concentration
Deep relaxation
Guided visualization
Internal cleansing practices
35. Have you noticed your ability to stick with your chosen dietary patterns improved by consistent practice?
36. How much does what you eat affect the quality of your practice?
37. Has your practice brought to awareness any specific food sensitivities/allergies? Indicate all that apply.
No it hasn't
Fried foods
Cooked foods
Refined foods
Spices such as garlic, onions
Conventionally grown foods
Hybridized or seedless fruits
Genetically modified foods
Artificial ingredients
38. Is there anything else you woud like to add about your experiences with raw foods and spiritual awaking?
Please feel free to share this survey with other raw fooders, especially individuals who have been eating a raw vegan diet for at least seven years. I wish I had a virtual piece of juicy ripe fruit to offer in gratitude for your participation.

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