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This Year at the Festival

Wednesday, August 18 through Sunday, August 22, 2004

For information on the 2004 International Festival registration, schedule of events, Transportation services, accommodations, renting a vender booth space, food at the Festival, childcare or all other details, please browse this website first and then contact the International Raw & Living Foods Association at RawFestival@aol.com.

2004 International Raw & Living Foods Festival:

The 2000 Festival was focused on bringing the, then, most visible raw & living food teachers together to network, create alliances & explore possibilities for themselves & the movement. The 2001 Festival was focused on showing the depth & variety of teachers, visions, disciplines, modalities & ideas currently in our Movement & in other compatible causes. The year 2002 Festival was focused on the people out there living the raw foods lifestyle & identifying their diversity, their needs, their commonalities & their worldwide issues, as well as their possible joint actions. The 2003 Worldwide Festival built our links to one another & expanded on the work begun at the other International Festivals.

This year's 2004 International Festival will be about translating the raw foods lifestyle into mainstream living & how to make it more easily accessible for the rich diversity of beings & lifestyles represented on this planet. This year's Intl' Festival is all about "why & how"…not only for current rawfoodists, but the average person wanting to explore new options. The other main focus of this year's event will be more interactive discussions around issues important for the Movement as a whole. Is your voice being heard? Are you helping to decide what the Raw Foods Movement will look like worldwide? Come to this year's event & get involved on a global scale!

Come & be a part of making this happen!!

Let's introduce Raw Foods to 1,000 "new" people

At this year's event …

Can you imagine being a part of changing that many lives?

Nourish Yourself…Nourish the Planet is the theme for this year's International Festival & we are looking for people to be RAW WORLD AMBASSADORS from every area in the United States & every country worldwide to help do this….Are you one of them?

This year's event will be held August 18 through 22 in Portland, Oregon. The date this year will give the International Festival sunnier weather & more ripe, fresh, local grown, organic produce! We're excited about all of this & know that you will be too… whether you are just exploring what raw foods are, beginning to move into a living foods lifestyle or have "been there/done that" for a long time we know that this year's Festival will make your "mouth water". Site info.

The worldwide Festival this year will feature up to 9 concurrent modules using speakers, food demos & experiential workshops lasting from 1 hours to 6 hours each, as well as numerous panels & other opportunities to come together. As a Raw Movement we will also come together during the Festival to further define ourselves, our goals & our connections. Excitingly, part of the Festival will be open FREE to the public so that they can begin to discover the benefits of the living foods lifestyle. When you come, invite a non-rawfoodist friend to come with you!!

Modules will focus on the Raw Lifestyle from birth through Senior-hood & on the nuts & bolts of living this way: these will spotlight information for those beginning their raw foods lifestyle journey, those who have been on the path for awhile & want to expand their knowledge & those who are long time raw foodists who want "something new" to learn to further enhance their experiences, as well as special issues such as the raw lifestyle during pregnancy, for babies, youth, teens, women, special health issues, seniors & more. There will even be special introduction mini-classes for people who do not know what our lifestyle is all about & would like to have an overview before committing to the cost of attending the Festival presentations. Other modules will focus on our food itself: these will include food preparation demos, organic & GMO issues and all that surrounds the process of obtaining & preparing the foods we eat. Still other events planned will focus on the Raw Foods Movement: Presentations of differing raw life styles, the history of the Raw Foods Movement, intentional communities and raw food happenings worldwide will be a part of this visionary gathering. Helping to make the worldwide Raw Foods Movement itself more visible still will be in the spotlight for this year's event.

Raw Issues---World Issues-
Nourishing Ourselves & Nourishing the Planet
will all be a part of the 2004 International Festival!

The 2004 Festival begins this year with another chance to experience the Raw Haute Cuisine of Gourmet Chef Chad Sarno. Tickets for this formal (this means dress up & "put on the Ritz") Wednesday, August 18 evening event are $75 per person for Intl' Assoc. Members & $100 for non-members. Ticket price includes the meal/beverages, entertainment & a chance to bid at the 3rd Annual Raw Foods Auction. Check out the link here, Gourmet Dinner & Auction, for more details!

Thursday, August 19 during the day will consist of special Presenter Intensive Workshop with some very special speakers. Would you be excited to get to spend the day (6 hours) with your favorite speaker as part of a small group exploring a specific topic around raw foods? Then this extra event is made just for you! Cost is $75 per person. For more information about this option click here: Presenter Intensives. Thursday evening, beginning at 6 pm everyone attending this year's Festival can begin the Festival with a free "Why Raw" talk for your non-rawfoodist friends & plenty of panels on Raw Movement issues for you! Click here for Program Schedule or for directions to the Festival Site click here.

The Festival itself begins at 6:30 am Friday, August 20 and runs through 7 pm, Sunday, August 22. Festival Tickets again this year will be $45US for a single day or $125US for the 3 days, with a 10% discount on the 3 day price if purchased before July 1, 2004. Members of the International Raw & Living Foods Association will receive an additional 10% discount on all 3 day ticket purchases. Membership in the Association is $20US per person per year or $35 for a family. (Children 14 & under are admitted free with a paid adult) Sign up early to be sure of your place…click here to sign up right now: Register now.

Maximize your experience at this year's event & stay next to the fair grounds at the Red Lion Hotel, the official Festival hotel, or in your own self-contained RV across the street at the fair grounds. (ALL other camping this year is limited to private farms in the area…see Accommodations section for details) ALL Accommodations must be reserved in advance with the respective businesses indicated…the Intl' Assoc. itself will not be taking accommodation reservations this year, unlike previous years. Hotel costs start at $64US per room with double bed per night at the Red Lion (Hostels & other Hotels/Motels are also available…for listing see Accommodations.)

2003 International Raw & Living Foods Festival Basics
Site Location:
Washington County Fairgrounds Field
10+ Acres of grassy field across from the Main Fair Complex
About 45 minutes west from the Portland Intl’ Airport & across the street from the Hillsboro Airport
873 NE 34th Ave
Hillsboro, Oregon
Contact Information:
email: RawFestival@aol.com;
phone: United States 503-246-1684 voice
503-293-0916 fax
Website sites: www.rawfoods.com/festival
Or www.RawFestival.com

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