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Golden Branch Awards


The Annual Golden Branch Awards are the most prestigious awards given out in the Raw Foods Movement & are awarded annually by the International Raw & Living Foods Association to those who have made significant contributions to the Movement. There are no set number of awards given in any one year...the spotlight is on a different aspect of the Raw Foods Movement each year.   The award itself is unique each year, but still consists of two common items: The first is a hand-beaded gold amulet bag, & the second component is a “branch”…. sometimes a living one & at other times a golden wire one or even a combination of both. Recipients can wear the amulet or display it on the branch as a token of on-going thanks from all of us in the Movement for what they do for us.


The Award symbolizes LIFE, GROWTH, HEALTH & JOYFULNESS that transmutes everything into the Gold of Vibrant Well-being… Those who receive this Award are helping others to move into greater Aliveness.


There are a great many who are deserving of this award. We are thankful to them also & look forward to bestowing our gratitude to them at Festivals to come!


The Award was first given out at the 2000 Festival to Karyn Calabrese & Oprah Winfrey in recognition for what they had done for visibility for the Movement by Karyn’s appearance on the Oprah Show that year.


The Award, in 2001 was actually three awards: the first was given out to Ann Wigmore, posthumously, as the Mother of the Modern Raw Foods Movement & presented to the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico. The Father of the modern Movement, Viktoras Kulvinskas was also recognized for his vast contributions to the creation of our Movement.. The Raw Family was symbolized by Victoria Boutenko & family, Igor, Sergie & Valya.


In 2002, TWO Golden Branch Awards were given out. The first was awarded in recognition of outstanding Mentorship of the International Raw Foods Movement itself & was awarded to Roxanne Klein, Founder of Roxanne’s Restaurant. The Second Award was in recognition & gratitude for all this very special person has done as the Scientific Mentor of the Raw Foods Movement: Dr. Gabriel Cousens.


2003 recognized two of the outstanding pillars of the Movement: Dr. Douglas Graham for his mentorship of the links between fitness & the raw foods diet & Dr.Fred Bisci for his long willingness to be a gentle teacher & example. 2003 saw two new types of annual awards being instituted: the Golden Rose Award (in memory of Raw Movement Mentor, Csilla Jacobson), will be given out to an outstanding example of Raw Foods Entreprenuerism. The first year’s winner went, of course, to John Kohler, one of the very first raw food internet entrepreneurs. A second new award, Golden Volunteer Angel: went to long time Intl’ Association Festival Volunteer Coordinator Ardie Earhart upon her “retirement” from that position to become a even more active raw foods teacher.



Who will win the Golden Branch Award(s) for 2004 ?


What Aspect of the Raw Foods Movement will be honored this year?


Who will win this year’s Golden Rose for Raw Movement Entrepreneurism?


Who will be the 2004 Golden Volunteer Angel?


Come to the Golden Branch Award Ceremony

Saturday, August 21 at 7 to 8 pm

Ceremony will be held at the 2004 Festival Site




Who would you like to see receive these awards in 2005?

Contact the Association with your nomination before January 1, 2005!

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