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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

1.       Can I pay for my admission with a credit card?

Yes, Visa or Master Cards & Discovery are accepted…you may pay by email, through www.PayPal.com, or the quickest…by phone:        (503-246-1684), or by regular mail to 8700 SW Borders, Portland, Oregon 97223. Please include the name the card is listed in, the amount of what you want put on the card (i.e. number of days x number of people for what type of tickets), list the credit card number & expiration date also. Be sure & give us your contact information such as address with your zip code, phone number & email address.

2.       Can I just wait & get my admission ticket at the gate?

Tickets will be sold at the gate each day, as long as we have enough room on the grounds to accommodate walk-in attendees….HOWEVER, if the grounds are becoming over full, we will suspend walk-in ticket sales and only honor those tickets sold in advance.

3.       How will I know which day to buy my tickets for?

Single day tickets are good for any of the days…buy the quantity that you want to come to & then choose which days to attend later.

4.       Are there accommodations available on the grounds?

This year all accommodations are off site of the actual Festival Grounds…for detailed information on official hotel/RV sites, camping & other accommodations such as hostels, please go to the website at www.rawfoods.com/festival or www.rawfestival.com For other information, the Intl’ Assoc. phone number is 503-246-1684 or you may also send an email to RawFestival@aol.com.  All accommodation reservations, however, must be made this year with the individual businesses concerned rather than through the Association.                                                                                                                                                                                             


5.       Is food included in our admission price or is there food to purchase on the grounds:

The 2004 International Festival features a Vegetarian/Vegan Chefs’ Food Court, a Farmers Market & Exotic Fruit Garden…all available daily to purchase food from. (Food is separate from the admission). Prices range from about a $1 in the Farmers Market to a maximum of about $8 for a full meal, complete with desert, in the Food Court. Various product venders also will have food samples & some of the food demos will be interactive as well. Foods will be plainly marked whenever they contain an item that might need dietary discretion (honey, for example.) All foods served on the grounds will be vegetarian or vegan and raw.  Bottled/filtered water & fruit & veggie juices will also be available to purchase.

6.      Do I have to be a Raw Foodist already to attend this event?

This Festival is put on, in part, to introduce people to the concept of Raw Foods in a fun, non-judgmental, non-threatening, educational manner. Our International Association definition of a RAW FOODIST “IS ANYONE WHO EATS 50% OR MORE OF THEIR DIET AS RAW FOODS 100% of the time.”.  This Festival is based on the premise that people need to be honored from where they are currently & be given the opportunity to receive information on all the different views of what a Raw Food Life Style can be like… so that they can make individual choices that best reflect their needs & lifestyles…there are many raw food paths to choose from! Excitingly, part of the Festival will be open FREE to the public this year, so that everyone can begin to discover the benefits of the living foods lifestyle. When you come, invite a non-rawfoodist friend to come join you!!

      7.    Is there a website I can find out more information on?


The official 2004 Festival Website is up as of June & more items are being added to it weekly. Keep checking these sites for answers, maps, speaker & events scheduled, etc. This is a great resource: www.rawfoods.com/festival. The official International Raw & Living Foods Association website also has information about the Festival & what is happening in the Raw Movement Worldwide: www.RawFestival.com






8.  What does it cost to Sign up for the Festival, Gourmet Dinner & Auction, Presenter Intensives & Association membership?



A. 3 day Festival passes are $125US per person again this year, with a 10% discount for early signup if you register before July 1, 2004 and with another 10% discount if you are an Association member. (children 14 & younger are free admission with a paid adult.) Register now.


B. Association membership is $20 per year per person or $35 per year per family "unit" (or $1,000 lifetime membership) & entitles you to vote on member related issues, get the Association newsletter & receive 10% off 3 day festival & other event passes & all Assoc. booth audio, video tapes & other items & a lot more neat stuff! Join NOW!


C. Single day passes to the 2004 Festival are $45US. There are no discounts on single day costs. You may use single day tickets any of the days Friday, August 20 thru Sunday, August 22. (Single day tickets are not good for Thurs., Aug. 19 for the Presenter Intensives; Thurs. evening’s events are FREE) Register now.



D. The Haute Cuisine, Gourmet Dinner ticket prices are $75 per person for Assoc. Members & $100 for non-members. This include the multi-coursed dinner with beverages & the evening’s entertainment & auction. The Dinner will be held on Wednesday, August 18 in Hillsboro, Oregon…near the Festival site.  Maps to the Gourmet Diner site will be sent in your confirmation packet. All dinner tickets must be purchased in advance…seating is limited to 150.


E. Presenter Intensives will be offered during the day on Thursday, August 19 for those of you who wish to spend time doing a full day of intensive learning with one of your favorite speakers or chefs. Would you be excited to get to spend the day (6 hours) with your favorite speaker as part of a small group exploring a specific topic around raw foods? Then this extra event is made just for you! Cost is $75 per person. The Intensives & presenters will be listed on the Festival website’s Presenter Intensives page as they become known. You must pre-reserve a space with your preference in advance to be guaranteed a place.  Space is limited in all these Intensives, so sign up early !





9. Will there be childcare & youth activities offered at this year’s festival?


YES! there will be Childcare& & again this year it will be a cooperative system...you volunteer some time in trade. We have a whole childcare area with play activities planned this year. See website for more details. A Youth program is also being put together, so keep checking the Festival website for details as they evolve!


10: What are the exact specifics I need to include…the How & Where to sign up… for all of these things listed that I want to do?


You can sign up by Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, check, money order, or PayPal.com. To signup: send by snail mail, email, fax or phone message the information listed below, along with your payment & payment information.


            Snail-mail: 8700 SW Borders, Portland, Oregon 97223

            Email: RawFestival@aol.com

            Fax: 503-293-0916

            Phone: 503-246-1684


            Include your:


full name, (name listed on the credit card if using one),


mailing address for confirmation to be sent to (& mailing address for credit card if different),


contact phone number or numbers (& indicate whether work, home or cell & any time preferences for being called back),


email address (so you can receive updates),


number & names of people you want Festival tickets for & whether these are 1 day or 3 day passes,


number & type of memberships wanted (or that you are already a member)


number of Gourmet Dinner tickets wanted.


number of people & title(s) of Presenter Intensive(s) you/your family want to participate in.


11. What kinds of Volunteer & work-trade opportunities are before, during & after the Festival?


There are numerous Volunteer opportunities to help both before, during & after the Festival. We are asking those who can simply volunteer their time to do so for an hour or ??? & leave the "work-trade" spots for those who are the most financially challenged. More information can be gotten on volunteering & our needs in different areas, from the websites (www.rawfestival.com  or www.rawfoods.com/festival) or call/email us directly & we will get back to you & get you plugged in.


12. When will the Festival Schedule of events be finalized so we know what Presenters, Interactive Workshops, Food Demos, Presentations, Panels & Youth Programming will be offered this year?


The exact days & times & speakers are just being finalized & will go up on the website as we confirm them, so keep checking the sites we have listed here...we will also send out an email to update you all when that happens if you are on our email list. (To get on the email list send us an email at RawFestival@aol.com)  Most information should be available by mid-July. Yes, It has definitely been confirmed that both Dr. Gabriel Cousens, as well as Karen Knowler from the Fresh Network in England, will be among this year’s presenters & will be leading two of the Intensives on Thursday, August 19th! Some speakers from last year’s event were Dr. Fred Bisci, Bijan (Effortless Prosperity), Master Chef Cherie Soria, Master Gourmet Chad Sarno, Dr. Doug Graham, Viktoras Kulvinskas, the Ann Wigmore Institute from Puerto Rico, David Wolfe, John Kallas (Wild Foods), John Kohler (2003 winner of the Golden Rose Award for Raw Entrepreneurism), Mike White (Breath Coach), Paul Nison, Professor Roz Gruben, Dr. Tim Trader, Victoria Boutenko & the Raw Family & a whole lot MORE....we expect most of these to return this year too in some capacity. Program Schedule



13. How can I get audio or video Tapes/CDRoms of 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003 Festivals?


The list of Association produced “tapes” available is long & getting longer every year!! Missed one or more of the past Festivals & want to hear the message your favorite speaker gave???.... we have the Audios/Videos Available!! See the website for a detailed order form or call/email us for one. If you are an International Association Member you will receive a 10% discount on all such purchases too!! Again this year’s (2004) CDRoms will be available on site as they produced!


14, How can I help get the news out about this year’s Festival? What can I do in my own area where I live?


The best way is to become an Area Chair: Help spread the raw news...Are you someone with a passion for getting the news about the 2004 International Festival out in the area you live? We need people to volunteer as areas chairs & to put out posters, flyers, give out information, gather contact information, etc. Let Linda know at 503-246-1684 or RawFestival@aol.com with your snail mail address & phone number & she will get an Area Chair packet out to you ASAP. (Note: You will be recognized for this "work-of-love" with your name in the Festival booklet, & in other ways, unless you request otherwise.)



15. What else can I do that helps the Raw Foods Movement itself? What’s a “Brave Raw World Ambassador”?






If you would like to know more about this groundbreaking project, please call or email the International Association Board Outside Advisor, Linda Louise Simon, directly at 503-246-1684. There will be more about this soon on the official Intl’ Festival websites & at the Festival...this is one of the most exciting projects currently being undertaken by the International Association for this upcoming year! Click here to be a Raw Ambassador



16. What are some other Raw Events worldwide?


If you are on our email list, we will be sending you out information about other Raw events around the world in the coming months. One of the most exciting is the First European Festival…for more information go to www.fresh-network.com . If you know of events that are not on our list, please let us know & we will pass them on too. The International Association website also will have constantly updated information: www.rawfestival.com.


17. I’d like to be more active in the International Association or Start a local chapter of the Association…how do I do this?

Contact Linda Simon at rawfestival@aol.com or call 503-246-1684 & sign up for this year’s special 2 day Assoc. Leadership Training after the Festival ($75 per person) Aug 24/25 here in Portland. (Some housing available for early registrants)

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