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Presenter Packets


Do you want to apply to be a presenter this year or next year in the main program, on a panel or interactive, in the childcare or youth programs or in the Rising Star Chef & Presenter Showcases or do a Vender Interactive Talk??


Then this packet is for you!!



                        Dear Potential Presenter for 2004 International Raw Festival,

We are delighted to send to you a speaker application packet for our fifth annual International Raw & Living Foods Festival to be held in Portland, Oregon, August 18 through August 22.

 It will be necessary to complete the application, sign all of the appropriate forms, and return the packet by June 15, 2004 in order to be considered as a presenter for the 2004 year’s event.


            The International Raw & Living Foods Festival attracts participants from all over the world. Last year we had over 800 participants coming from nearly all of the fifty states and from countries all over the world such as Puerto Rico, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, England and Norway, to name just a few. This year’s event will expand the margin of influence and exposure a presenter will receive. We have had the most well respected and highly esteemed leaders of the raw & living foods movement as Presenters in the past. We continue to also search for those who haven’t yet made the “headlines” but who are quietly and steadfastly contributing to the overall expansion of this movement, thereby making the world a better place.


Below, you will find the application, a presenter/vendor release form, a video release form and an article, “Are You A Hitchhiker or Driver?” The application must be completed in its entirety, including specific talk titles with their write-ups for potential presentations, to be considered. The application needs to be accompanied with your photograph or directions for obtaining a photograph from your web site which meet the enclosed specifications. Your application will be returned to you if it is not complete. All final decisions on who will be presenting this year will be made shortly after the June 15 deadline.


            The International Festival is successful because it is a grass roots event. We hope that you will be asking yourself, “How can I help make this a success?” It is anticipated that all Presenters will participate directly in marketing and publicity within your sphere of influence through webs sites, links, direct mail and flyers at your own events. Please be very thorough in completing the application, to provide us with the most useful information concerning your ability to assist in various aspects of creating this world-wide happening. You will be contacted immediately or by June 20, 2004 as to the International Board’s decision on your presentation.

             If you have any questions concerning any of this process, you may contact myself or the International Association. You will find contact information listed below.  It is our pleasure to continue to offer this incredible opportunity for you to be a part of this most important work to bring about planetary change.

                                    In Service,


                                                            Victoria Jayne, Executive Director

International Raw & Living Foods Association

                                                            8700 SW Borders, Portland, Oregon 97223

                                                            503-503-539-1684 voice or 503-289-1861 fax

jayne@teleport.com or RawFestival@aol.com



2004 International Raw & Living Foods Festival

Presenter Application

Thank you for your interest and help to make this year’s event once again the largest & most comprehensive gathering of Raw in the World!




Mailing Address:


Email Address:



Daytime Phone:

Evening Phone:

Cell Phone:


Publicity or Scheduling Person’s Contact information:


Have you been a Presenter or Keynote with us in the Past?            



What did you do?



What did you most like about your previous experience(s)?



What would you like to be different with this year’s experience?



Which of the following are you interested in doing for 2004:


            Lecture     Interactive Workshop      Food Demo     Panel Member          


Panel Moderator        Vender Talk      Showcase, returning


            Showcase, new presenter      Showcase, food demo    Entertainment


            Special New Program            Committee Chair       





If more than one talk topic, put your name on a separate sheet of paper for each & answer the following for each one chosen above:


What is the subject, & a brief overview, of your Presentation(s) above? Please include your talk title & a description of your talk for the program guide.





            How long is it?


What do you need (podium, projector, power point capability, electricity, etc)




Submit a picture for the program guide & website or email it to rawfestival@aol.com or jayne@teleport.com .

(See attached addendum for email picture specs.)




Do you have a mailing/emailing marketing list?                  What size is it?



Are you willing to send out regular announcements to this list(s) about the 2004 Festival & your planned participation in it?


What other marketing are you willing to do to help make the 2004 Festival a success?





What other special projects would you like to be a part of or initiate as a new project for the 2004 or 2005 events?







Are you willing to donate your Presentation or other services to the Festival to help make it a success?                           


Why or why not?



Would you need financial help in the form of any of the following to be able to attend?


            Transportation           Lodging           Food        Products booth





Are you willing to be available for newspaper, radio & TV interviews to help promote the Festival?


Are you willing to be listed in the Festival advertising & promotional materials?



Are you willing to sign the attached video/audio release form & to be video/audio taped during your Presentation(s)? (Be sure to sign this & return with application)


            Would you be interested in buying copies at wholesale to promote yourself?






Are you comfortable with being listed in the Festival program booklet with contact information? If so, list below the exact contact information you want included in the booklet:









Do you plan to have a presenter/vender booth? (this is our payment to those presenters who are donating their services, otherwise the cost is the regular vender fee)  If so, please sign and return the vender release forms with your application.


            Do you need electricity for your booth?        What will you be using this for?



(Booths are 8’x10’ and come with one 8’ table & 2 chairs under a canopy….no backdrops or skirtings are included unless ordered extra)

Do you need additional chairs or tables or other items for your booth?

Which items & how many? (costs will be quoted upon ordering)




What other special needs may you have either as a Presenter or Vender?




What other special contributions in time, talent &/or energy can you provide?







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2004 Video/Audio Release Form


I, _______________________________________, the undersigned, hereby grant to the International Raw & Living Foods Association and its subsidiaries and/or affiliates and/or assigns the rights to use and license others to use my name and likeness as filmed/recorded at the Portland 2004 International Festival of Raw & Living Foods, August 18 thru 22, 2004. Such rights shall include, but not be limited to, still pictures, motion pictures, or on television. The said rights to be without limit, anywhere in the world, and to be exercised by them in anyway they see fit for their productions, advertising or for any other purpose by any means, including those not yet devised.


These said rights are to be in conjunction with my own unlimited rights to purchase these same materials at wholesale from the International Association for resale at my desecration.. It is also agreed, that at any event in which both the presenter & the International Association are selling items, that both the presenter & the International Association shall have the right to sell such tapes covered by this agreement. Both parties agree to sell said tapes for not less than $19.95 at any such event, unless otherwise agreed by those same both parties in writing & that further, both parties to this agreement shall have equal & timely access to saleable copies of said tapes for such events.


The International Raw & Living Foods Association, in consideration for the above rights, agrees to provide the speaker/presenter listed above with unlimited wholesale access to copies of said tapes under their current product wholesale price schedule. Such wholesale copies shall be of the highest standards possible.


Board of Directors                                                        Speaker/Presenter:

International Raw & Living Foods Assoc.                     ____________________________

_______________________________                      (Print name here)

(Name & Board position)                                            

__________________________                                __________________________       

(sign name here)                                                           (Sign name here)


Date:___________                                        Date:_____________

Witness:________________________                       Witness:_____________________

(Print name here)                                                          (Print name here)

_______________________________                      ____________________________

(Sign name here)                                                           (Sign name here)

Date:______________                                                Date:_____________


2004 Raw & Living Foods Festival

Festival Video Wholesale Purchase Information

Retail price per video/audio                               $20.00 video                $10/$15 audio



All wholesale orders must be for the same video title to qualify for “amount” breaks:


1 to 10 videos wholesale                                   $16.00 each                 $8.00/$11.00              


11 to 50 videos wholesale                                 $14.00 each                 $7.00/$10.00


51 to 100 videos wholesale                               $12.00 each                 $6.00/$9.00


101 to 499 videos wholesale                             $10.00 each                 $5.00/$8.00


500 & over videos                                            call for current wholesale prices.



Shipping & special box/label orders are extra:  Special box colors can be ordered. Custom labeling can also be made, but will include a one time setup charge as well as charges for specialty inks or paper. Product coding can also be added to boxes for an additional charge.


All standard wholesale videos are boxed & shrink wrapped. None have product coding.           

Are You a Hitchhiker or Driver?



With his/her thumb a hitchhiker says “you supply the money, the car, the gas, the maintenance & the time & energy to drive & I’ll come along for the ride…But, if I don’t like the direction you are taking or all that you are doing or how you are doing it, I will get out & hitch a ride with someone else.”


A Driver says, “I will work to buy a car & maintain it, follow all the needed rules to drive it, buy the gas & spend my energy & time driving to a location that is important to me. If others want to come along & there is room, I am glad to have their company.”


In many organizations today there are hitchhikers & Drivers/True Leaders. Which one are you? Are you one of those who always shows up to enjoy the feast, but never to work in the kitchen? Or… are you one of those True Leaders that knows that whatever they give to their organization they get back seven fold in numerous ways that support & nurture them personally?


The International Raw & Living Foods Association is looking to support & nurture those who support & nurture the Raw Movement as a whole & this Association…every one of us, as Movement Leaders, gains by events such as the yearly International Festival in ways far beyond the event itself. The International Festival & the International Association is dedicated to supporting those people, events & Leaders inside the Raw Movement who are genuinely interested in promoting a worldwide movement.




Are you on the list of Drivers/True Leaders??

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