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Area Chair Packet Information


Dear Raw & Living Foods Friend,


Thank you so much for offering to help get the word out about the 2004 Raw & Living Foods Festival in Portland, Oregon August 18 through 22.


Below you will find items you can use as masters for copies of the materials you will need to let others know about this year’s International Raw Foods Festival. Save these to your computer & they can then be used to make more copies of anything that you run out of. You might also want to copy the section of this website called FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.


The posters are ready to be put up wherever you feel would be a good place to let people know about this exciting event. Time is running along...so the sooner the posters are up, the quicker people will be able to decide to attend.


The “flyers” can also be given to those people you know who are really interested in coming to the event or those people who are “sort of” interested & want to “think” about it.


Thank you so much for taking time to let people in your area know about this great opportunity to hear all the informative speakers you see listed on the Schedule of Events. Without your help, this Festival could not happen!


If you need more material, just let us know! Please look at these websites also for more information: Www.rawfoods.com/festival  or www.rawfestival.com


Be sure you are signed up to attend also—remember that the special discounted ticket sale ends July 1.


Who Are Your Festival Target Markets?


Raw & Living Foodists already involved in this lifestyle


Vegans & Vegetarians


People who recognize that they need to make a lifestyle change


People with weight loss &/or health challenges


People concerned with Animal Rights & Environmental issues


Alternative & Wholistic Healers


Personal Growth People


People interested in sports performance & energy


Who & Where are the local & national “Gatekeepers” in your area for the above  categories?

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