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Raw World Ambassadors:


                      Become a 2004 Brave Raw World



Ambassadors will be reporting at the 2004 Festival on

the scope of the Living Foods Movement worldwide.

Will you be one of them?


Raw Issues—Global Issues

Intentional Raw Food Communities, Resources & Connections


 Research raw stuff historically/presently in your part of world

Gather recipes from your local area that have been/or can be translated into raw

Ask others “what would help you in our area as a raw foodist?”

Help to get airtime to air raw related tapes & videos

Help write article(s) for ongoing Assoc. newsletter & Festival booklet

Tell us what people are doing, teaching & learning about raw in your area

Become a member of the International Association

Receive special recognition at the International Festival

Help do a map of raw foodism world-wide

Locate any raw related businesses/restaurants in your area

Connect with others & form a connecting link of raw foodists world-wide.


What is a Raw World Ambassador?


The Raw Movement is just coming into its own in a big way…we have gotten so BIG, in fact, in the last few years that we have lost site of who & where & what exactly RAW is out there worldwide.


The International Raw & Living Foods Association began a project at the 2002 Intl’ Festival to track & map the Raw Movement worldwide. Since that Festival we have compiled a series of research questions that will help profile what is happening in our Movement today.


If you would like to make a one year commitment to help this happen, then you can be a RAW AMBASSADOR simply by letting us know…503-246-1684. There can be more than one Raw Ambassador in a town or area…the more input the better chance we have of getting an accurate picture of what is happening everywhere.


When you sign up to be an Ambassador you will receive a packet that gets you started. The packet has a series of modules that you will be researching in your area over the coming year. As you gather information, you will report it back in. This information will be compiled to: 1.help others traveling to your area   2.build networks to connect all raw foodists together

3.build a profile of where Raw Foodists are worldwide   4.help bring new resources to areas needing them 5.work together on worldwide issues such as GMO’s   6.be the basis for grants to encourage research on raw subjects

As a Raw Ambassador you will also be asked to be a contact point for your area for anyone wanting information…this could mean someone wanting to travel to your town & wanting to know if there are any restaurants to visit…or a speaker who would like to do talks in your area wanting to know who to connect with. (This does NOT mean that you are obligated to house or meet with people, unless you choose.)

How Do I Become A Raw Ambassador: for questionnaire & more information go to www.rawfoods.com


International Raw & Living Foods Association

8700 SW Borders, Portland, Oregon 97223


503-293-3039 voice    503-293-0916 fax



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