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Vendor Information


Dear Fellow Traveler in Creating Vibrant Health,


I was asked to send you the enclosed information about this year’s International Raw & Living Foods Festival in Portland, Oregon, because you are known for your interest & support of issues pertaining to living life with aliveness & vibrant health.


The 2004 Festival will be held August 18 through 22. As you can see from the enclosed overview of events, the Festival has an awesome lineup of speakers & other entertainment.  We are already receiving registrations from vegetarian/vegan Raw Foodists all over the USA, Canada & Europe to attend this year’s event!


We have heavy Internet presence, as well as chair people locally & in cities all over the country, Canada & Europe getting the word out.


Why am I telling YOU all this? Simply, to invite you to

consider being one of the “vendors” for this fabulous

Raw & Living Foods Festival: Creating Global Unity.


Most events start with soliciting people as venders & sponsors & then go looking for speakers & people to attend.  We felt strongly that the first step should be to obtain a stellar lineup of speakers & be sure people locally & around the world would attend.  Now, having done that, we feel it is time to ask a few, very select individuals, companies & products if they would like to participate as vendors.

Because of who you are...You are one of those few being asked.


Vender-ship can take several forms: we want to build relationships that are long-term for many Festivals to come. The enclosed form gives you the selection information.


Realizing that you have a busy schedule, I would ask that you get in touch with me at your earliest convenience.  The sooner you let us know what works for you, the sooner people will begin to associate your name with this exciting Raw & Living Foods (vegetarian) event.


I look forward to speaking with you anytime this week.

Raw-spectfully yours, Linda Simon (Festival Steering Committee Co-Chair)



            We are excited to welcome you as a vender to the

2004 Festival of Raw & Living Foods!



Dates of the Festival are August 18 thru August 22.  We will send later a schedule of events, a map of the Festival grounds, your vender vehical setup pass, vender Festival ticket. The attached vender contract page must be signed, returned & approved before setup is allowed. Please check in at the vender area with the area coordinator before setting up.


Ticket: use is limited to booth venders & their “employees” only.

Any unauthorized distribution may forfeit participation.  Each booth space rental includes 1 daily ticket which needs to be redeemed at the gate for an entrance tag. This tag may be exchanged by your group as one member exits the presentation(s) & another enters: please note, to be on the grounds, an entrance tag is not needed…only to attend any presentation. Additional tickets, if needed, can be purchased at the gate for the regular daily per person fee. Grounds admission (free) is not admission to all Festival areas & events, only the public areas. (a 3 day events admission is also available)


Parking: parking for venders is in the area where all attendees are parking, except for Farmers Market venders who are vending from their vehicles.  During loading & unloading, only one vender vehicle per booth space at any one time will be allowed in the vender areas because of limited space. Your filled out vender unloading sign must be on vehicle mirror to be in the unloading areas at any time.


Electrical outlets will only be supplied to those venders requesting them in advance. To meet your needs, we will need to know the total amps being used by your equiptment. Because we have to bring in generators to supply the Festival’s power needs we are asking all venders this year to use power sparingly! (Booths are outside this year, however all will close before dark.)


We look forward to having you with us & we are committed to making this festival one that is not only fun, but profitable for you as a vender. Please contact us if you have any questions or special needs.



Forms below need to be read, filled out & returned to insure your space!



503-246-1684 or RawFestival@aol.com







International Raw & Living Foods Association

Portland International Festival 2004

Commercial Exhibits & Concessions Permit Agreement

(This form must be signed & returned to Festival, before Set up)


DATE FESTIVAL SENT:                             DATE VENDER SIGNED:



International Raw & Living Foods Association Board of Directors (Festival) hereby grants a revocable permit to:




(Permittee) Address:



Phone: (day-time)                                                  (evening)



granting Permittee the privilege of selling, displaying, using  equipment or using as a promotion, the following only (Vender, please list all categories of items that will be sold/given away in booth, include also equiptment being used…ie. TV or Juicer) :









in the following designated space only:                                                   (booth #     )

size approximately 8’x10’, with one 8’ table & two chairs provided: all draping, signage & other needs must be provided by Permittee.


Subject to the right of the FESTIVAL to revoke the permit, it shall be valid from:



In consideration of the grant of this permit, Permittee agrees to pay Festival a permit fee in the amount sum of:


Payment shall be made in full upon application & is nonrefundable, except through

cancellation of the event by Festival. 



Page 1

The FESTIVAL Board makes no representations whatsoever regarding the condition of the Festival grounds or the assigned space including its fitness for any particular purpose. This permit constitutes a revocable privilege and does not constitute or grant any property or contract right in the space or to the privilege of selling and displaying any item.  It is expressly conditioned on and subject to compliance with the following terms:


1.         This permit does not cover any right to any specific location or booth. The Festival has the exclusive authority to assign or reassign locations. Permittee shall operate only at the assigned location.

2.       Because it is not in the best interest of the Festival or its patrons to have displays unmanned on any day the Festival is operating, an additional $50.00 per day will be charged to any Permittee who operates his exhibit less than the agreed upon number of days without written consent to do otherwise.

3.         Rules: Permittee hereby covenants and agrees to abide by such rules and regulations as may be made and interpreted by Festival. The terms and conditions of said rules are printed within this document and are hereby incorporated by reference. (Please read them now.)

4.         The terms and conditions contained within this document including any attachments are hereby made part of the signed agreement. Permittee agrees that she/he has read this agreement, the conditions, rules and regulations and understands that they shall apply, unless amended by mutual consent in writing of the parties hereto.

5.         Indemnity: Permittee agrees to indemnify, save harmless and defend and release the International Raw & Living Foods Association, all its Board & members, agents and employees from and against all losses, claims and actions, and all expenses incurred incidental to the investigation and defense thereof, arising out of or in any way based upon any damage or injury to persons or property caused by the errors, omissions, fault or negligence of the Permittee or the Permittees agents or employees or any other manner arising out of the operation of this permit.


This agreement is personal to the PERMITTEE. It may not be assigned or in any manner

transferred to any other person, firm or entity, either voluntarily or by operation of law or



International Raw & Living Foods Association                          Permittee:

            Board of Directors


by________________________________                by:______________________

Steering Committee/ Vender Chairperson                      Print name & title below, please:



Concessionaire Rules & Regulations

Terms & Conditions of Permit

Important--- Please READ carefully & keep for your records


  1. Permits: each PERMITTEE must operate within the confines of the space assigned without infringement on the rights of others. Failure to do so will subject them to forfeiture of the privileges under this permit without reimbursement.


FESTIVAL reserves the right to close any concession, or stop the sale of any commodity, if in its judgment said concession is not being operated in conformity with FESTIVAL rules, or if the product being sold is considered unwholesome or detrimental to health.




Any authorized Festival representative shall have access to premise at any time.


  1. Set-up/Take Down Time & Hours of Operation: Venders shall set up beginning at the times designated in their final contract. All Permittees shall keep their exhibits and concessions opened and properly staffed during the specified times. All exhibits shall be kept in the same assigned location during the entire length of the Festival. No exhibits or concessions may be dismantled or removed before release time the last day of the Festival and then no vehicles shall be allowed in the vender areas until the designated time.












3. Common Facilities: Common facility areas are areas for the non-exclusive use of visitors, delivery persons, Permittees and others which are intended to be open for general use. Common facilities include, but are not limited to, sidewalks, aisles, stairways, open areas for ingress and egress, restrooms, and other similar areas. No Permittee, or other person, shall carry on any business or other activities in common facility areas. No concessionaire or exhibitor shall block any aisle or interfere with pedestrian traffic in common facilities. Festival cannot guarantee, however, to keep all common areas free of congestion caused by persons crowding, loitering, standing or sitting therein, causing passage through or over the same difficult or impracticable, and such crowding or blocking of said common area shall in no manner or way affect the terms, conditions, or provisions of this permit. Festival will furnish necessary janitorial services for all common facilities. However, Festival reserves the right to charge any exhibitor or concessionaire for trash or refuse that is place in common facilities by exhibitor or concessionaire.


4. Cleaning: Permittees shall be responsible for keeping the space assigned to them in a clean and sanitary condition at all times that the Festival is open to the public. Receptacles for trash will be provided by the Festival. Trash must not be swept into aisles or other common facilities.


5. Conduct of Permittees: Permittees, and their respective employees and agents shall conduct their activities strictly within the areas assigned to the concession or exhibit. Permittees shall insure that all employees and agents shall be clean, properly clad, orderly and polite in their conduct and speech. Solicitations by Permittees or their respective employees or agents shall be made in an ordinary speaking tone of voice.


6. Public Safety: all materials used in  decorating booths, racks, exhibits, & vender areas must be made from nonflammable material or treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition in accordance with the fire marshal’s requirements: Under no circumstances will articles be allowed which are offensive by reason of their odor or appearance, which are dangerous by reason of their explosive or  combustible character or which cause loud noise sufficient to be distracting or disturbing to Festival goers or nearby booths or exhibitors. If any such article or exhibit be allowed admission through misrepresentation or otherwise, such articles and persons responsible may be removed by order of the Festival.


Exhibitors of animals, machinery in motion, or other exhibits liable to occasional accidents, injury or damage to persons coming in contact with them, shall guard their exhibits and protect the public from coming in contact therewith and every such exhibitor shall indemnify the Festival from and against all claims and demands, costs, charges and expenses which it may incur, suffer, or be put to by reason of any exhibit not properly guarded therefrom, or the public not being properly guarded therefrom.




7. Noise and Sound Devices: No loud noise or sound amplification devices, such as TVs, sound systems or microphones, shall be allowed without the prior written consent of the Festival. If the Festival approves the use of any such device, the Permittee obtaining such approval shall use the device in a manner that will cause the least disturbance to Festival patrons and other exhibitors. If the Festival determines that any device so approved is causing unnecessary or disturbing noise, the Festival may revoke approval of the device and require the Permittee to remove the device or cause.


8. Security: The Festival will not have security personnel on the grounds and will not be held responsible for the safety of booths or other property of concessionaires or exhibitors.The Festival shall not be responsible for any loss incurred by Permittee as a result of theft, fire, accident or other cause. Permittee shall be responsible for protecting themselves against such losses. Any permittee that desires insurance protection for its booth or other materials must obtain such insurance at its own expense.


9. Compliance With Laws: All Permittees shall promptly observe and comply with all

applicable laws, orders, regulations, rules, ordinances and requirements of federal, state, county and city governments. Any persons willfully injuring or destroying any property on the Festival grounds, or in any way interfering with the administration shall be liable to prosecution.


No gambling or lottery activities are permitted on the Festival grounds. Raffles are permitted on the Festival grounds with prior written approval, if there is compliance with all the Oregon State Statutes and other published rules of the Festival Board.


10. Vehicles: Absolutely no parking on Festival grounds except for designated areas, including set up and take down times. During the Festival, vehicles will be allowed on the Festival grounds to provide service and supplies for exhibitors and concessionaires as needed, but can not remain parked in loading areas after loading or unloading is accomplished. Any vehicles in violation, may be towed by Festival at the expense of the owner.


11. Advertising Signs: All permittees shall have a sign identifying their exhibit. The sign should name the sponsoring firm or organization as well as the product(s) offered insofar as practicable. The Permittee of a food concession shall post in a conspicuous manner at the front entrance of their assigned location a sign showing the ingredients used, as well as the price of the food &/or beverages to be sold. Please check, in advance, with the Festival concerning the manner this is to be done in. (see food vender packet example)


No inflated balloons, bumper stickers, promotional stickers or similar advertising or promotional materials may be given away by exhibitors without the prior written consent of the Festival. Exhibitors shall not sell or give away food or beverages without the prior written consent of the Festival. No person shall place any advertising material on or in automobiles at the Festival grounds. No Permittee shall post any advertisement, bill, sign, banner or other printed matter outside the space assigned to the permittee.


12. Canvassing: Dissemination of literature, signature collection, solicitation of funds, canvassing, distributing gifts, selling or similar transactions shall be conducted only from within the assigned booth.


13. Electrical & Plumbing: All electrical wiring and plumbing must be done by persons

authorized by the Festival. Festival will provide Permittee with only those electrical & plumbing options agreed upon in writing prior to the Festival.  Only those food venders located in the Main Dining Hall area will have access to the facility's kitchen area & coolers.


14. No Fires, open flames or cooking will be allowed any where at any time on the Festival grounds. This includes the use of candles, incense or other such devices.


15. Release: After release time it is not to be assumed that permittee’s property can be guarded by representatives of the Festival in any manner.  The assigned space when vacated must be returned to its previous condition, less reasonable wear & tear.  Any permittee’s property left on the Festival grounds after the designated take down  time will be disposed of  and the permittee will be charged for the disposal. Any damage caused by Permittee left unrepaired after that time will be repaired and cost of repairs will be charged to Permittee.


16. Discretionary Matters: The Festival reserves the right to interpret all Festival regulations and rules and to settle all disputes. Any person, exhibitor or permittee who does not comply with the rules and regulations may be removed from the Festival grounds at the discretion of the Festival. Any decision affecting any matter not herein expressly provided for shall rest solely with the discretion of the Festival.


17. Weather Policy: Neither weather or obstruction (by weather, crowds or other cause) shall impact this agreement. The Festival no way guarantees or assures that the sidewalks, paths, streets, aisles or passageways will be free of obstructions.


Regardless of weather, all exhibits and concessions are expected to remain open, unless closed by the Festival.










Vender Registration Form


2004 Festival of Raw and Living Foods!

Nourish Yourself----Nourish the Planet !


Express Vendor Registration Form


Register today: booth space is limited

August 18 thru 22, 2004

(vender dates are setup Aug 19 & vending Aug. 20, 21, 22)

Confirm your booth by

July1, 2004

Don't Miss Out!


Name/Business: _________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________  City: _____________

Telephone: (_____)__________________ Email: ___________________________

Url: ___________________________


Food Venders @  $300 for 3 days of Festival:  There are several booths still available inside the main food court for food venders needing to use a kitchen area to prepare foods. Booth spaces are approximately an 8' x 10' area & include an 8' table & 2 chairs & use of a common kitchen area. This kitchen area contains some coolers that are available for your shared use also.……………………………………..……………. ……………………$____________


Product/Service Vendors @ $200 for 3 days of Festival: These booths are located on the festival grounds under large, shared canopies & include the use of approximately an 8' x 10' space, and an 8' table & 2 chairs …………$____________


Farmers Market Venders @ $150 for 3 days of Festival: These booth locations are out doors & all that is provided is the space itself: vendors must provide their own booth coverings, tables and chairs………………………………………$____________


Check / MO enclosed   Visa/MasterCard

Card # _________________________________________  Exp:____________



TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED:………………...………............. $________

Please make checks/money orders payable to:

International Raw & Living Foods Association

8700 SW Borders, Portland Oregon 97223

(503) 246-1684 Email: RawFestival@aol.com

Confirmation of your registration will be mailed to you*






For information on this Event, watch these websites: www.rawfoods.com/festival     (*Website donated & maintained by John Kohler)


2004 Location:

Washington County Fair Grounds, 873 NE 34th Ave, Hillsboro OR  97124


            We are excited to welcome you as a vender to the

2004 Festival of Raw & Living Foods!

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